A proven and successful method of developing the inner genius in every child

Art Lessons for Kids Online

A unique opportunity to learn the drawing and painting secrets of the Old Masters.

A revolutionary course developed for young artists by living Master Artist Veronica Kvassetskaia Tsyglan.


Art Lessons for Kids Online

Visual Fundamentals

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Graphite Pencil Drawing

Colour Pencil Drawing

Dry Pastel Drawing

Ink Pen Drawing


Oil Painting

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Why our approach is better

Building on a centuries old classical school of drawing and painting, we offer a modern approach optimized for the modern student. We present an interactive and progressive
online course structured in a way that anyone can learn the art of drawing and painting from life.

Drawing from life is the practice of drawing a living human subject, life, surroundings and subjects in real time
Why draw from life? The great benefit of drawing from life versus drawing from a photo or memory is that the model can be studied and observed in its natural state and surroundings.

Develop and perfect hand-eye coordination

Eye-hand coordination is one of the most important neural mechanisms in the body. It is the coordinated control of eye movement and hand movement and the processing of visual information. Developing this skill will improve one’s capacity in everything that involves working with the hands. From visual art, to painting to building.

Follow Life Drawing

Each lesson consists of a step by step demonstration of a life drawing session to teach the unique technical approach of drawing a model from life. Based on the Classical Atelier method.

Practice daily sketching

The Discipline of daily sketching is essential and fundamental in studying Fine Art.
Build confidence through discipline that you will carry with you for life!

Establish a strong knowledge of fine art fundamentals

Drawing from life requires developing strong a artistic vision , a deep understanding of light and shadow theory, composition , colour principles, harmony and taste.

Create a masterful portfolio

Challenge different materials, styles and approaches in drawing and painting, Learn the secret painting techniques of the Old Masters’, and enjoy masterful results .

Become successful

By developing your skills and self identity as an artist, you will open unlimited professional doors for yourself. Having strong visual art skills will lead to advantages in many fields such as: graphic design, illustration, animation, film production, design, photography, marketing, medicine and much more. You can become a successful artist, graphic designer, illustrator, 3D animator, architect, photographer and so much more! Children need to have a choice in their future.


Everything your eye can see,

your hand can draw!