A unique and successful method of the Old Master’s teachings adapted for the modern day young student by Master Artist Veronica Kvassetskaia.

Our Journey Together…

Welcome young Artist,
My name is Veronica Kvassetskaia and I am a professional Fine Artist, I love to paint portraits .
I’ve dedicated my entire life to fine art and uncovering the secrets of the Old Masters such as da Vinci, Rembrandt, Boticcelli, Durer and Caravaggio.
In 1999, a girl named Alexandra asked me to teach her drawing and painting and I began building and developing this program. It took me more than 2 years to experiment and create this method, allowing one with no previous experience to learn to draw fast and with accuracy. I applied the Old Masters’ secret technique taken from da Vinci’s and Durer’s manuscripts.
Drawing is fun, drawing is joy and it leads one to a bright future.
You can become a famous Artist, Designer, 3D Animator, Film Director, Architect, Illustrator and Game Developer, to name a few careers.

Your drawing skills will help you to understand who you really are.

During our lessons I will share with you all the secrets, tools and tricks that I use in my own work. You will learn to find shape, size, proportions ,character, and bring to life the third dimension. To see the beauty of your surroundings.
You will discover how your eye works and becomes a partner with your hand, to recreate your thoughts.You will learn the simple tools of accurate life drawing . You will discover how light and shadow works.
You will become free and happy to create anything on paper and canvas.
I want you to remember a simple miracle; Everything your eye can see –your hand can draw. Write this down and make this the title of your sketch book.
Lets begin our journey today …

Course Description

Chapter 1: Visual Fundamentals

The Visual fundamentals video course consists of 2 video lessons and presents the classical academic method of how to draw an object from observation. The lessons builds the introduction to principles of life drawing, geometry and perspective ,light and shadow theory and developing eye-hand coordination.

Following this step by step demonstration, the student will learn correct technique and will practice the life drawing of a simple model.

Each video lesson is 25 minutes in length, with step by step instructional chapters. Suitable for all ages, recommended for ages 6 and up .
Required materials: white paper, graphite pencils, eraser, a white model (such as a box, cup or toy)

Chapter 2: Drawing

This course is an introduction to different media such as graphite pencil, colour pencils , dry pastel and pen drawing . Live demos with step by step instructions will teach the student to create beautiful drawings in a fast and easy way that anyone can learn. By exploring different materials, the course participant will learn how to coordinate colours, mix them together and build form, using the rule of five elements of light and shadow. The student will establish strong eye –hand coordination and free hand fast drawing.

The lessons comprises principles of life drawing, geometry and perspective, light and shadow theory and developing eye-hand coordination.

Following the step by step demonstrations,the student will learn technique and practice of life drawing on a more advanced model.

The video lessons range from 25-30 minutes in length, and include step by step instruction. Suitable for all ages, recommended for kids 6 and up.

Required materials: white paper, graphite pencils , colour pencils, dry(nu) or soft pastels, pen.

Chapter 3: Introduction to Oil Painting

The Introduction to Oil Painting course consists of 2 video lessons and presents the classical academic way for kids and teens to learn the method of Oil painting on canvas from observation.
The lessons comprise the introduction of oil materials and the secret method of application, used by the Old Masters’ for the last 500 years.
Students will follow a step by step demo. They will learn how to draw with various brushes, correctly prepare and apply oil paint and create a successful painting in oil on canvas using the two-step underpainting technique
Study of the oil technique, creating the palette and finally a technically masterful painting.
Following the step by step demonstration, students will learn technique and practice life drawing of a simple model.
Each video is approximately 30 minutes in length with step by step instructions. Suitable for all ages, recommended for kids 8 and up who have already completed the first two chapters(Visual Fundamentals and Drawing) . Remember, if you can draw, you can paint.
Materials: wooden palette, brushes, oil paint, palette knife, canvas, model

One Year Access

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Visual Fundamentals (Lesson 1 and 2)
Graphite Pencil Drawing
Colour Pencil Drawing
Dry Pastel Drawing
Ink Pen Drawing
Introduction to Oil Painting(Lesson 1 and 2)

Questions You Might Be Asking …

When does the course start and finish?

The course has no start or end date. You begin the course as soon as you enrol and have access for one year after the start of enrolment.

Will I get access to the full course all at once?

Yes, you will get full instant access immediately.

What do I do if I need help?

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